Teaching Technology

TGIS aims at providing national level infrastructure for its students. In line with the same, read on to find more about our academic amenities.

  1. Smart Class: Every classroom is equipped with Tata Class Edge smartclass solution that provides various explanatory tools to the teachers. The system also provides an immense amount of teaching material for helping the students develop their conceptual strength.

  2. Maths Lab: TGIS has tied up with Funtoot, which is an adaptive mathematics teaching application that provides a platform for students to practise maths without being afraid. The software adapts the difficulty level of the questions according to the capability of the students. Additionally, the maths lab curriculum also covers physical manipulatives to help the teachers explain fundamental mathematical concepts.

  3. Ramanathan V Guha IT Lab: The TGIS IT lab is named after the great Indian computer scientist who helped revolutionise the internet. The lab is equipped with modern desktop systems and all these systems are connected via local area network. The systems at the lab have access to supervised high-speed internet.

  4. Baudhayana Science Lab: The general Science laboratory for curriculum till class 10th is named after the great Indian scientist Baudhayana, who wrote the Baudhayan Sutras. The lab is equipped to demonstrate all relevant experiments and has ample space for students to be comfortable while observing and conducting experiments.

  5. Sir C.V. Raman Physics Lab: This is the main Physics lab at TGIS, it is fully equipped to conduct all physics experiments as per the curriculum designed by the CBSE for the higher classes. The lab is spacious and well lit. The boarders are encouraged to use the Celestron Telescope for observing the night skies on select days.

  6. Har Gobind Khorana Biology Lab: The Biology Lab at TGIS is dedicated to Har Gobind Khorana who was the great Indian behind the DNA revolution. The lab is located in a quiet corner of the main academic building and is very bright and airy which helps in conducting experiments and observations.

  7. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Chemistry Lab: The lab is named after the great Indian Chemist, who was known for his work in colloid chemistry. The lab is fully tiled and equipped with all necessary chemical supplies. The laboratory is spacious enough for 40 students to safely conduct experiments.

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