Extra Curriculars

Taking forward our philosophy of overall development of our students, we take extra-curricular activities very seriously. Read on to find more about extra-curricular amenities available at TGIS.

  1. Swami Vivekanand Library: The Library at TGIS is named after the great Indian leader Swami Vivekanand. The simple yet ergonomic furniture at the library is designed to create a quiet and serene environment. Students are encouraged to read from more than 4000 books available at the library. The library also provides access to many prominent magazines and journals of national repute.

  2. Raja Ravi Verma Art Hall: The Arts and Crafts facility at TGIS is named after the great Indian painter Raja Ravi Verma. Every student at TGIS is exposed to arts throughout the year. The art room is equipped with various art and craft material as well as lots of spaces where students can participate in perfecting the many art forms that are taught during the year.

  3. Ustad Bismillah Khan Music Room: The music room at TGIS is named after the great Indian Shehnai maestro. The music room is home to many instruments that include keyboards, guitars, tablas, recorders and a full drum set. The music room is also equipped with a recording setup that is used to record music created by the students. Every student at TGIS takes up at least one instrument. Today, most students are able to play at least one musical instrument.

  4. Mini Auditorium: This is a 5000 square feet pillarless space located on the top floor of the main academic building. The space is used for conducting most of the co-curricular activities that include public speaking. Every student at TGIS is encouraged to get on a stage no matter big or small, at least 5 times during an academic year. This makes our students more confident and better at public speaking.

Know more about admissions

Admission open for academic session 2021-22.Contact school office for more details.